5 questions with Nitsa Citrine

Q&A with Nitsa Citrine

*** please note that this interview is over a year old (7.29.16) i was just waiting on the right time to publish it

*** all photo credit goes to Nitsa


I met Nitsa at the Spirit Weavers Gathering in 2015, and it was then I was first introduced to Sun Potion - a wellness brand that provides transformational foods (adaptogens). Since this Q&A, Nitsa has teamed up with Tasya Van Ree to create Women with Superpowers . She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and I thankful for her taking the time to answer these questions! 

1) My belief is a Sunday well spent is a week of content- what is your typical Sunday ritual?


 Hm.. my schedule tends to be pretty amorphous... so the typical definitely varies but a Sunday ritual that reflects my ideal would include a meditative round of tea in the morning... followed by a tonic herbal potion and maybe some time in nature - a hike or beach walk... getting in some solid house-tuttering  and self care rituals - I  love to prepare a face mask once a week and take a long magnesium salt and essential oil infused bath... also love to cook a nice big lunch or dinner using local seasonal veggies picked up from the farmer’s market and share with friends with love. Now that I say it, I want to manifest this as my permanent Sunday ritual from now on  - thank you for inspiring the possibility! 


2) Current non-sexual girlcrush? 

Well, I absolutely adore my friend Jaclyn... she has five planets in scorpio, is incredinly beautiful and very very sexy… Jaclyn has exquisite taste in everything and a deliciously cruel sense of humor … she is the founder of an amazing naturally dyed silk line -AWAVEAWAKE - and is a sincere,  deeply loving human and loyal friend… she is about to come out to California for a visit and I am  beyond excited to see her!

And, I am pretty much always crushing on my friend Lani Trock. She slays. She prepares the the most beautiful meals with vegetables fresh from her home garden and her bedroom is like a tropical jungle… she has such a dreamy, nourishing and inspiring presence to be around and I love her lips and eyes… and eyebrows. Killer brows!

3) Favorite Book(s) ?

Oh… so many favorites…. This is what comes to mind in the moment ~

The Diary of Anaïs Nin - volumes I - VII !

Narcissus & Goldmund - Hermann Hesse

Love and other Difficulties - Rainer Maria Rilke

The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman (ultimate child's fiction / fantasy nerd alert!)

Healing with Whole Foods - Paul Pitchford

4) What are you currently jamming?

‘Woman of Secret Gold’ by Flo Morrissey

 5) Favorite trend of the 90s?

Little chokers and bolero / bandana kerchiefs - I love how sexy and simple they can be, as long as one can breathe!

Sadie Virginia

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