DIY : Shibori

 Shibori is an ancient Japanese word meaning to create patterns in fabric with dye. This primitive skill has been around for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. It's a great way to upcycle pieces of  dull white clothing/fabric that we all have laying around. Not to mention you get to channel ancient ancestral energy, and create a unique one-of-a-kind piece! 



  • an indigo dye kit . find one here 
  • natural fiber clothing/fabric (cotton, hemp, silk, wool etc) 
  • rubber gloves 
  • rubber bands
  • twine
  • a long wooden stick
  • scissors

Step 1 

Following the directions on your indigo kit. Mix the dye and let it sit for about 15 minutes. 

Step 2 

Beginning to fold, twist, knot your clothing! Don't be afraid to get crazy, and also remember that wherever you bind the fabric this area will be white. Click here to learn about the different types of shibori ! 

Step 3

After the dye has set for 15 minutes, there should be a metallic sheen in the bucket. Use a long wooden stick to stir it up and then place the fabric in. The long it sits, the darker it gets. For deep indigo, I would suggest 45-hour.  After desired color has been reached, remove it and let it sit with the bindings still attached. 

Step 4

Discover what you created! Pictured here is "arashi" which is the Japanese word for storm, and it's also known as the pole-wrapping technique. It starts by wrapping fabric around a PVC pole at a diagonal. Once the fabric is wrapped, tie a piece of twine into a double knot at the base of the pipe. Wrap the twine around the fabric. After 6-7 wraps around the pipe, scrunch the fabric down. Give the twine a strong tug to tighten. (tightening before scrunching will make it more difficult to move fabric around ) Continue wrapping, scrunching until all the fabric is compacted . Then tie a knot! 

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